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Human Sense.

Fourtress develops software for innovative technology that improves our lives, now and in the future. In our opinion, innovation shouldn’t be an end in itself. All of the technologies we develop have one thing in common: they all revolve around humans. That’s how our solutions help our clients, our society and our people.

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Front End Mobile App & Web Development

Middleware Technical Applications & Cloud Solutions

Low Level Embedded Software


In order to enable innovations that really matter, we provide complete solutions. We take care of anything, from low-level embedded software, hardware management, to deployment of middleware technical applications to the development of mobile apps. From idea to prototype to working product.

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Working at

At Fourtress, ‘High Tech Human Sense’ doesn’t only mean that our solutions revolve around humans. We also match developers with assignments that suit their aspirations. In this way, developing technological innovations is combined with personal development.

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