Are you excited to join our team? This is what you can expect. We like to keep things moving and this is how we approach that:

Step 1. Apply online

Fill out the digital form on our website. If the application has been received successfully, you will receive an automatic confirmation in your inbox. We do our best to process your application as quickly as possible; ideally this takes no more than one week.

Step 2. First interview

Have we become enthusiastic as well? Then we’ll invite you for a first interview at our office or online. By getting to know you better through your experiences and ambitions, we’ll be able to determine to what extent these tie in with the projects of Fourtress and the objectives of the organisation. After the interview, we’ll come to a decision rather quickly; we aim to provide feedback and collect feedback from you within two working days.

Step 3. Second interview

The first round is done and dusted. Now it’s time to prepare yourself for the next step. Prior to the second interview, we will ask you to prepare a short presentation about something that really excites you. It might be a hobby project, your cat, a holiday destination, your favourite band or your favourite game. We don’t care, as long as you can talk about this with passion, we are eager to listen.

So the second interview revolves around you! Because you start with a presentation, we can first sit back and get to know you better. After your presentation, your conversation partners will introduce themselves to you and continue the interview. We believe it’s important to explore what drives you and where you want to go. That’s what it takes for us to know whether we can take you there.

Step 4. Job proposal

You have heard that we have found a real Fourtress ambassador in you! That is fantastic news! We understand that you have become curious about what we can offer you. This is why we offer you a personalised job proposal.

Step 5. Welcome!

“From a yes to imagining working at Fourtress.” We have wholeheartedly said ‘yes’ to a collaboration and that means that we will start setting up your onboarding and ensure that you will be received with open arms.