Blue Jay Drone

Published on May 28, 2017
By Danny / Software Engineer

“Domestic Drone Experience”

A drone as your domestic help: the Blue Jay student team from TU Eindhoven (Eindhoven University of Technology) developed a ‘domestic drone’ that is ‘safe’, ‘social’, ‘helpful’ and ‘autonomous’. A household help that can understand and support you. The question is no longer whether this is possible, but how it will affect the distribution of household chores. Blue Jay matched the technology of the future to the way we live today: exactly what Fourtress is all about.

When the Blue Jay team asked us to support them in developing (Low-Level) Embedded Software, we didn’t hesitate. During a three-month period, we started work on solving a height issue.

Any change in altitude resulted in the drone correcting itself, a problem we managed to solve, after thorough research, by combining a Lidar-sensor with the accelerometer-sensor. This allows the drone to determine when a (valid) altitude difference has been detected. We ended up working on several aspects of the drone, including the wireless connection and gripper-software, the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of the drone.

Fourtress’s solutions helped complete the project with a successful demo at the Maxima Medical Centre. Under the watchful eye of the BBC and RTL and other broadcasters, the drone showed what it was capable of, playing noughts and crosses with patients.