E.E.G. Kiss

Published on Jan 19, 2016
By Sjors / Senior Systeem Engineer

How do you translate an artistic vision into a technical implementation? That was our main challenge to tackle throughout the E.E.G. kiss project. What started as a nice idea ‘programming a kiss’ related to the 15th anniversary of Fourtress, turned into a full-scale project.

In the beginning we were tackling the very basics, such as getting a proper readout of the raw E.E.G. data from the headset. Less than one year later, we have implemented a complete platform in Python code with various filters and adjustable for multiple sensor types. On top of that, we built an engine in C++ code that runs the visual and audio feedback of the EEG kiss.

Apart from the technical challenges in the project, we got a lot of satisfaction from the interaction with professional artists. We are very proud knowing that the result of our efforts will travel around the world in the form of an artistic installation.