Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Published on Jul 03, 2017
By Davy / Software Consultant

Our client wanted to equip one of the products from its Robot Vacuum Cleaner (RVC) range with connectivity for indoor use. For this, the RVC had to be controllable using an app (iOS and Android) indoors and outdoors. The RVC has been expanded with a WiFi module, and both apps needed to be compliant with the new standards that the client applies to all its connected products.

For this purpose, our client developed so-called common components. These standard components are to be used as the basis for the company’s connected products. An RVC is one of the most complex connected products. There was no reference project, which meant that Fourtress had to develop several common components in close collaboration with the client. All communication between the app and the RVC runs through a cloud service.

Fourtress developed both apps (native iOS and Android) in close collaboration with several stakeholders. We set up two App teams (Eindhoven and Minsk) to develop the apps simultaneously. Deployment of an App team in Minsk made it possible to reduce costs significantly. The RVC and its apps have now been launched in parts of Asia and are available in various Asian app stores.

Following the development of both apps, Fourtress also took care of their maintenance and release management, and continues to do so. These developments provide a foundation for future variations on the RVC Series: watch this space!