It’s what we do

If you’re unsure what it is we do, this should help: Do you know that feeling when a product you use regularly just works? The joy you get from simplicity, and the pleasure you get when an app does exactly what you want it to do (and sometimes a little more!)? That’s down to smart tech – and that’s what we do. We make technology human.

Our software enables products to come to life

There are main foundation blocks to what we do (listed below), but we’re also happy to use our expertise and experience across a wider range of challenges, from creating office systems, building system integration and developing technical apps. It’s always down to how our clients can best use our knowledge. We’re very happy to work in the same office location as a client, we are happy to provide advice and consultation services, and we can also help outsource development of a complete solution – it’s purely down to the specific challenge – you tell us what you want, and we’ll deliver you what you need.

Our expertise in these areas is divided into the following pillars:

Low Level – Embedded Software

What the h*** is that? Our software enables products to come to life. You take care of the form, we take care of the function. It sounds easy, but in truth it takes a team of experts to make it work. And we have got the team! They’re happy to join you in your office or sit in their own world to deliver a bespoke software solution that gives your idea a heartbeat.

Middleware – Technical Applications & Cloud Solutions

Sorry, what? All digital devices and systems have the ability to connect, talk to each other and work as one. Of course, to do this they need connecting. We develop apps and solutions to make them work seamlessly, efficiently and effectively. Our people join the dots, so you can focus on one single point – enhancing the lives of your customer.

Front End – Mobile App & Web Development

Oh, web based things?  Kind of. If you’ve got a thing that needs operating from a remote location – let’s say your smart phone – we create the invisible link that makes stuff work. For example, fancy controlling the lights in your office? We can do that from the palm of your hand. Maybe you’re stuck in a traffic jam? Our innovative software helps your car talk to a satellite so you can get advice or a new route to help you get unstuck.

Testing – Test automation

Finding errors in software? And more. Testing is way more than only finding errors in code. Testing increases the quality of your software and makes sure that the product can go to market faster and better. Within Fourtress we have the Test Guild, a group of experts on all fields of testing. Like unit testing, static code analyse, test automation and rapid software testing. Our Test Guild members are there for you!