Fourtress has the in-house expertise required to provide end-to-end software solutions. This means you can outsource complete software and app development projects.

We also take on separate projects, with our years of experience in developing office systems, systems integration and technical app development.

Our clients determine how they can best put our services to use. If they require one of our experts at their premises for a certain time, we take care of that. We can also provide in-depth advice regarding high-tech product innovation or outsourcing development of a complete solution. In this way, we employ technology to provide whatever our customers and end users really need.

Our expertise in these areas is divided into three pillars:

Low Level – Embedded Software

Innovation in high-tech products wouldn’t be possible without development of Low Level and Embedded Software. This software layer controls the user hardware. Fourtress advises on the application of Low Level and Embedded Software in products or total solutions and takes care of development. In addition, we can use out expertise in this area flexible ways: through secondment to our customers or by allowing them to outsource the development of entire solutions.

Middleware – Technical Applications & Cloud Solutions

Our people are ‘connectors’, bringing together different individuals and applications in order to arrive at complete solutions. Our expertise in Middleware, Technical Applications and Cloud Solutions ensure that different systems can be connected and work together as an integrated solution or product. Are you looking for support in developing this type of application? We have a large number of in-house experts that can assist you.

Front End – Mobile App & Web Development

Apps for controlling smart LEDs or mobile apps for journey and route registration: these are just two examples of Front End solutions that Fourtress can develop for you. We’d be happy to help you develop a complete app that takes your product or service to a higher level. We can also offer support for the technical issues that typically arise in the development of apps or web applications. Let us help you take the next step, regardless of whether you’re looking for advice or development.