High Tech.
Human Sense.

Technology that enhances our lives

Fourtress is specialised in embedded software, technical automation and app development.
We utilise and develop the latest technologies to create complete solutions for our customers. From apps that control smart home LEDs to solutions that offer drivers instant advice on driving more efficiently and safely. All of these are solutions that make our lives just a little easier and more enjoyable.

Human-centric innovation

This last item is very important to us at Fourtress. We are constantly working on high-quality technology, whilst always asking ourselves: does this serve humankind and society? We believe that tech should always be at the service of people. Technology should help our society, not the other way around.

People are central to the solutions we develop with our customers, but they’re also essential to the way in which we realize these solutions. We look at long-term cooperation with our customer, which means we invest more time in examining the processes of the companies we work for and developing enduring relationships with them. This ensures that a solution is never entirely ‘standalone’, but continues to add significant value over a long period of time.

We also invest a great deal of time and energy in the development of our people, enabling them to work on projects at which they excel and that will allow them to grow. Because we can only get the most out of technology when our people have the opportunity to excel at their work.

Innovations that matter

Thanks to our combination of high-quality technologies and human focus, the solutions we develop at Fourtress help clients, society and our people to progress. In this way, we ensure technology is not something that exists merely on its own – we deliver innovations that really matter.