What is it like to work at Fourtress?

There’s no one who can explain that as well as our people themselves. And let’s be honest, it feels good to hear that people are happy with us; that’s our goal. We asked our employees to tell us why they enjoy working at Fourtress and in which areas we exceed their expectations. This is what they said.

Personal attention and an informal culture

“I feel right at home at Fourtress and I like that people really listen to my wishes, and that I feel appreciated for the work that I do.”

“The personal attention makes Fourtress stand out. They really consider your personal preferences, which assignments you enjoy and what your next step should be

“The atmosphere at Fourtress is very pleasant and carries that sense of community. You know everyone, can approach everyone, and everyone is willing to help you.”

Assignments and the right match

“Fourtress continues to acquire cool assignments and to give people the opportunity to grow  while on the job and give them the freedom to exceed expectations.”

“After working at Fourtress for a week and a half, I immediately got an awesome assignment that fit me perfectly. It’s always been that way: Fourtress listens to the employees carefully and knows how to find the right match.”

“I like that you can choose your own career path at Fourtress and that nothing is imposed on you. You can specialise and do what you like best, which they’ll match to a suitable assignment. This is something that Fourtress does very well and makes it distinctive, if you ask me.”

“Your interests are carefully considered, both on a professional and personal level, and that’s the starting point for a match with one of the clients.”

Training and development

“I rate Fourtress a 10 out of 10 in terms of training and development. Fourtress offers support as well as many growth opportunities to develop yourself.”

“Fourtress provides solid courses from which I have learned a lot, and there are also various online platforms available from which I have benefited.”

“My field manager actively asks how my development is progressing and supports me in achieving my goals. I like the fact that this is an active and ongoing process and

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