Building your career at Fourtress? You can! We already have more than 50 great colleagues; they’re all a bit crazy, and above all crazy about technology. We’re always looking for like-minded people who want to give their career 200% and exceed customer expectations.

The Fourtress culture

Our culture is best described by our core values: innovation, creativity, respect and integrity. That’s the way we work. At Fourtress we stimulate movement within the organization and create project teams that meet the specific challenges of our customers. That makes every day different. People are continuously encouraged to think out of the box, to be proud of who they are and to let their imagination speak to bring customer ideas to life with effective software solutions!

What Fourtress does

Fourtress makes software for innovative technology. Our focus is to enrich lives – that of our customers, society, and our people, both now and in the future. We believe that our future runs on technology, but is driven by people.

Software development is at the core of what we do. We roughly divide our activities into various components: low level, middleware, front   and testing. That doesn’t mean we think in boxes, though – on the contrary. We apply our expertise and experience to a wide variety of challenges, ranging from creating office systems and building system integration to developing technical apps. It always comes down to how our knowledge and expertise benefits our customers most.

If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Our motto does not only apply to the solutions we come up with; in fact, it mainly refers to your dream job. Fourtress offers you plenty of space to develop and evolve yourself. We work on your career and create the future you envision – together.

At Fourtress, we pair your passion with the right challenge. Working for the most innovative clients makes us proud. We provide assignments that energise you. This is what makes our people extremely motivated to demonstrate their talents and skills. Team Fourtress is at the forefront of technology and innovation. Our approach helps exceed both our employees’ and our customers’ expectations.

Our belief: Bring ideas to life, make dreams come true and inspire each other in everything you do.

We let you grow

So how will Fourtress support you in achieving your dreams?  Your field manager helps you to use your full potential through consistent monitoring. You’ll discuss which steps are required to reali  your personal growth and work on your personal career plan together. Based on this, you will look for projects that make you happy with sufficient technical challenge.

We want you to feel good at work; that’s the prerequisite for being of optimal value for both the customer and us. In addition, your colleagues are always willing to help you move forward. Our commitment to continuously invest in our people ensures that we deliver on our promise: if you can imagine it, we can create it.

We ensure this (so you don’t have to worry about it)

  1. That you get the opportunity to participate in the most innovative and challenging projects based on your personal interests and ambitions.
  2. That you can continue to develop yourself: We offer a wide range of opportunities for growth and development and we Our goal is to let you grow both professionally and personally.
  3. That you have fun! In addition to hard work, we also find it important to undertake activities in an informal manner and to share successes with each other. We are genuinely interested in one another and would like to get to know you That’s why we play table football at the office, why we organise several events a year with colleagues and partners, and why we have weekly Friday after-work drinks.
  4. That you receive a proper benefits package, including a competitive salary and a lease car or mobility budget.
  5. That you will be able to enjoy your old day when the time is there: We have an extensive pension scheme. In addition, we have taken out extra insurance in the unfortunate case you become incapacitated for work due to illness or an accident. We believe that being a good employer is important and we like to take good care of our employees: they are the driving force of our organisation!
  6. That you can take a break: We find sufficient relaxation just as important. That’s why you have the option to buy or sell annual leave flexibly and why you receive 8.33% holiday pay every year.

It’s more than a job, it’s a way of life

We are proud of our people. Our people are motivated innovators, dreamers and makers  who are committed to their careers for 200%. Does that sound like you? Then we can offer you  an inspiring work environment and many career opportunities .

Do you want to work with us? Check out our job opportunities and apply!

Our vacancies 

Opportunities for self-employed professionals

We don’t know it all, and we are always happy to work with independent experts. It’s actually one of the things that sets us apart – our willingness to create the best possible team to answer our client’s brief.

If you are a self-employed professional and would like to be an integral part of one of our project teams, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email with a summary of your experience and we’ll be in touch.

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Just because you can’t find the job you’re looking for on our jobs page doesn’t mean we don’t have a place for you. Maybe you’re a brilliant system or software engineer, or perhaps the best technical app developer in the world – don’t be shy! Send us your details or call us; we look forward to meeting you.

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