Fourtress becomes part of ICT Group

Published on Feb 22, 2022
By Pim / Commercieel Directeur

Due to the advanced age of General Manager Harry Schlatmann, we have been looking for some time now to ensure continuity for our customers and employees. Commercial director Pim Grol wanted to continue anyway and in the search for Harry’s succession, we decided after a careful process to connect with another company that is active in similar fields to Fourtress.

After careful consideration, we chose ICT Group; ICT Group has yesterday (21-2-2022) acquired 100% of the shares. With this acquisition, our continuity and ambition are safeguarded and they are strengthening its activities in software development. You will receive the press release as an attachment.

Pim Grol will continue as Commercial Director at Fourtress. “I am very enthusiastic that Fourtress will join ICT Group. There is a good cultural fit and I look forward to expanding our business together.”

We will continue to operate under the name Fourtress (Part of ICT Group) and try to make the takeover as smooth as possible. If all goes well, this will bring little to none changes for you. If you would like more information about the takeover, we are of course willing to do so.